What are Transformers?

What are Transformers and What Do They Do?

At Nutech Industries, we are your trusted online seller of electrical devices for your home and business needs. A category of our many products, here at Nutech, are electrical transformers. And, before you think that we are talking about the cool-metal-alien “Transformers,” we assure you, we are not. We are talking about transformers; electrical devices used to transfer electrical energy by means of changing the magnetic field.
In this blog, we will dive deeper into the meaning of transformers and what they do for you in terms of power and electricity. If your home or business is in need of an electrical transformer for large amounts of energy, visit our site.

Transformers For Dummies

As stated, transformers are electrical devices that are used to “transform” energy. You may or may not know that we use alternating AC voltages and currents in our homes and businesses every day. Why? Well, the energy required to power a toaster, is different that the electricity needed to turn on your oven. If we all used the same amount of electrical current for all of our appliances, we would have an electrical shortage and smaller items would not be able to take the immense surge of electricity. Because of this, some of our smaller electrical devices could malfunction and even explode. Cool, right? Well, technically not cool, but interesting.
Transformers are needed because our electrical devices need lower electrical currents in order to work. It may seem a little backwards, but transformers change voltages to a high level of energy in order to lower the severity of the electrical current. Sounds pretty backward, but it is true! When electricity is at lower voltages it is actually more erratic and uncontrolled. At higher distribution voltages, energy will move in a lower current and still offer the same power to the networked grid cables. Lower currents mean that the voltages are lower, safer and usable for all electrical equipment.

Why are they Important?

As you can imagine, transformers are really important. Without them, we would never be able to harness the power of electricity. With transformers, we are able to change voltages in order to achieve lower currents. Without this capability, we would not be able to use electricity safely, or even at all! By being able to transform voltages to higher levels, we can use the lower currents to power everything we own. Better still, we are able to transport the current through networks of in-air and underground cables around the country.
If electricity were allowed to travel at higher current levels, the power of the electricity would burn the electrical cable networks we have in place before any electricity would be able to travel. For electricity to work and power our items, it has to travel great distances. If electrical currents would burn our cables, no one would receive power.

Variations of Transformers

There are different types of transformers, depending on how they transform energy. It is important to remember that all transformers use the same principles to convert energy. All transformer work by transforming energy so that it can be transported, controlled, and eventually used by the public. Though transformers don’t really differ, the different stages and methods of transformers change the formal title of the transformer.

Voltage Transformer

One of the most common transformers are Voltage Transformers. These are more electrical components, rather than electronic components (yes, there is a difference). A voltage transformer is a stationary electro-magnetic passive electrical device that uses Faraday’s Law of Induction. This law of electromagnetism predicts how a magnetic field will interact with an electric circuit to produce an electromotive force (EMF). All you need to know about this is that through Faraday’s Law of Induction, transformers are able to convert electrical energy from one value to another. Part of this law introduces the concept of “Mutual Induction”, which is what the transformer essentially does to voltages of electricity. Mutual induction works by allowing a coil of wire to magnetically induce a voltage into another coil. This transformer process of converting energy from one coil to another is called a Single-Phase Voltage Transformer.

Isolation Transformer

Transformers can work by using coils of wire and a magnetic iron core. Iron is a good electrical conductor, in that, it allows electrical current to move through it. By using a magnetic core made out of iron, the wire coils never have to touch. This is called an Isolation Transformer, due to the fact that the coils that deliver and take in power are never touching. So, how is electricity able to be transformed if the wires never touch? Well, true, the wires aren’t connected physically, but they are attached magnetically.

Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers

Electricity can be converted to a higher voltage level or to a lower voltage level. Depending on the electricity taken in by the first wire coil, the energy can be bumped up or down. If the transformer is used to increase the voltage of energy, it is called a Step-Up Transformer. We use this system to access the energy we use every day. There is also, however, a Step-Down Transformer. As you might have already guessed, step-down transformers are used to lower the voltage level of electricity. There is another electrical transformer, however not commonly used, called an Impedance Transformer. This transformer transfers energy from coil-to-coil and does not change the voltage of the electricity.

Nutech Industries: Transformers Online

Transformers are complicated systems that are extremely valuable for modern-day living. Without a working transformer, our homes and workspaces would not be able to access a steady flow of electricity. More importantly, we would not be able to control the massive surges of power needed to power our cities. As electricity is highly unpredictable, this means that it is also dangerous. Low currents make it possible for us to harness electricity and use it effectively.

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