What are Distribution Panels?

What are Distribution Panels? What Do They Do?

For those in the electrical industry, you may know what distribution panels are. Though your education on the subject may be extensive, most of the population have no idea what distribution panels actually are. Of course, they may know the basics; flip a switch and one of your rooms lose power. It is easy to simplify a distribution panel to being something where your electricity comes from, this is actually isn’t totally correct. It is where your electricity is distributed throughout your home.
In this blog, we will discuss the incredible invention of the distribution panel and what it does. By knowing what your distribution panel is, you may have a better understanding of your electricity usage and why products like these matter.

The Marvel of Electricity

As you may already know, your life would not be the same without electricity. Everything you use, from television sets, microwaves, to even the lights in your home, are powered by an electrical current that is filtered into your home. Though this may seem hard to imagine, electricity is one of the most important discoveries mankind will ever discover. It rivals the discovery of fire, singularly based on the fact that it transformed the way our species has survived and innovated over the centuries.
Electricity might be a marvel, but it is also highly volatile and dangerous. Because it is unpredictable and even life-threatening, steps have to be taken to ensure safe usage to all people. For instance, electrical lines are placed high above the ground to ensure that people don’t have easy access to the electrical current. Another step to ensure the safe use of electricity is distribution panels. These devices are used to control and distribute appropriate amounts of power to each of your electrical circuits.

Why Do Distribution Panels Matter?

Circuits are the outlets that you use to plug in your appliances, your television sets, and even your kitchen toaster! But, have you ever wondered how you were able to plug in certain devices and have enough energy (electricity) to power them? As you might gather, some electrical products don’t require the same amount of electricity to stay powered. For instance, your oven appliances will need far more energy to use than your toaster. Your distribution panel is one of the factors that makes electrical use possible throughout your home. By being able to supply electricity to the subsidiary circuits of your home or business, it is able to properly power all of your electrical properties.

The Variations of Breaker Panels

Distribution panels, sometimes called breaker panels, vary depending on the manufactured and the country they are made in. For instance, US breaker panels are made and arranged differently than European break panels.
American panels are typically arranged in two neat columns and are numbered from left-to-right. The numbering also follows along each row from top to bottom. This numbering system is typical for most manufacturers but the electrical bases may be a bit different.
Breaker phases are lettered A through C to allow two- or three-pole common-trip breakers to have one pole on each phase. This essentially means that each “pole” is the amount of energy powered to the individual switches on your breaker panel. For example, your appliances, like ovens and washing machines, will need at least two-pole breakers of energy to fully power them. Based on your panel, you may need two switches on your panel to provide the right amount of voltage to your appliances.

Nutech Industries Distribution Panels

At Nutech Industries, we are happy to provide our customers with quality electrical products. Whether you need to power your home or commercial building, you will need a distribution panel to help distribute and control your electricity. Contact us today if you have any more questions about distribution panels and how they can be used for your specific needs.

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