The Best Portable Power Systems For Camping in 2020

Summer is finally in full swing and there’s never been a better time to hit the trail or pitch a tent at your favorite campsite. When you’re facing the great outdoors, however, you need reliable and portable power systems on your side to ensure that nothing too wild happens. Whether it’s a loss of lantern light during a thunderstorm or a dead battery in your essential water purification system, it can be dangerous to face the natural elements without a touch of vital technology. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which product will be best optimized for your camping trip this summer. But don’t worry — we’ve done the work for you with this summer highlights list!

In this article, you’ll find a quick and easy-to-understand resource guide on the best portable power systems available this season. All products included can keep you safe from outages and short-circuiting on your next camping trip or outdoor excursion. Read on to see this season’s hottest portable power systems, all of which were chosen for their performance and functionality in campsite and wilderness settings.

At Nutech Industries, reliable power is all we do, so we love to stay up-to-date on all the latest innovations in portable energy stations just as much as we love to share them with fellow gadget lovers through articles like this one. 

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Ranking Factors For Portable Power Systems

When we were assessing the dozens (if not hundreds) of portable power systems that went into this article’s research, these were the factors we considered:

  • Transportability — Is it lightweight and easy to carry?
  • Multifunctionality — Does it have useful or modular features?
  • Energy Efficiency — Does it save power when not in use?
  • Durability — Can it withstand water, wind, and other outdoor elements?

The products we included in our summer highlights may have one or all of these features, but depending on the camping trip and duration of outdoor exposure, we know you’ll find something suitable for every situation under the sun.

Portable Solar Chargers

It’s insanely impressive that solar panels get their fuel from nothing but the energy of UV rays. It’s even more astounding, however, to consider that you can charge one of these photovoltaic power banks overnight at your campsite, then easily carry it in your backpack the next time you hit the hiking trail. Nutech recommends the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station for backpacking, three- to five-day camping trips, and daytime excursions.

With a bargain price point of $199.95, this all-in-one champion of a charger is capable of supplying power to smart phones, small computers, handheld GPS devices, and more. Far from abominable, check out more details on the Yeti Portable Power Station here!

Portable Power Stations & Distribution Panels

With a price point lower than solar-powered models, the Nutech MP-150-MARINE is as affordable as it is durable — and it’s also one of our favorite portable distribution panels to use in outdoor environments! This Nutech model features a watertight metal dock panel that keeps it just as safe from the splash of white water rapids as it does from rainstorms. It also has more than a dozen combined incoming receptacles and outputs with up to 50 AMP, making it versatile enough to accommodate a group of campers no matter how many times they insist upon recharging their digital camera or flashlights. 

A close competitor with the MP-150-MARINE is the Suaoki S270, a lightweight and easily carried portable power station. Although it has several fewer charging ports than our Nutech model, it weighs just under three pounds and boasts up to 150 hours of wattage. 

With the rugged strength of a Nutech MARINE and the high battery capacity of a Suaoki S270, you won’t have to worry about breaking down or blacking out anytime soon when you have these portable power systems on your campground. 

Eco-Friendly Generators

This summer is full of innovations in both portable power design and outdoor technology optimizations, but the EcoFlow River 370 is something we haven’t seen prior to 2020, but we at Nutech certainly hope to see a lot more of it in the future! 

The first backup generator of its kind, the RIVER 370 is a modular and portable power station that uses renewable, eco-friendly solar energy to ratchet up the voltage in its 370WH battery — and it takes just three hours to do so! With nine outputs for various ports including USB-C, 12V, and 12W, you can appreciate the RIVER 370 for its sustainable, camper-friendly technology as much as its smartphone-charging capabilities.

Get Charged Up Before You Decide To Camp Out

Whether you’re a purist when it comes to the old tent-and-sleeping-bag style of camping, or you prefer to have a few more gadgets on the hiking trail, there’s an appropriate, affordable, and portable solution for all of your outdoor adventuring needs when you shop at Nutech Industries. Learn more about what we have to offer to nature enthusiasts this summer by visiting our products overview, and be sure you get charged up before you break out the paddle boards or venture onto a trail less traveled. So long as you’ve got a Nutech portable power distributor or one of our high-tech generators, you can have peace of mind that you’ve got plenty of power left in store.

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