Clearview Distribution Panel (CV-100-EXPO-3)

Everything you use and own most likely used electricity. Because of this fact, your home or business needs a not of electricity to function. That’s where Nutech can help!

  • Incoming: 1EA 100A 4P/5W, 120/208V pin & sleeve inlet.
  • Outputs: 5EA 20A, 4P/5W, 120/208V receptacles.
  • Breakers: 18 each ch120 circuit breakers.

Our distribution panels are equipped to handle large-scale electricity transfers. With a panel, your building will be able to handle electrical transfers to a number of different outlets. With distribution panels, electricity can be maintained and divided to the outlet you need to use. As so much of our everyday lives rely on electricity, distribution panels make it possible to get the right amount of electricity you need at the outlet you are using.

  • Outputs also include: 3EA, 20A, 2P/3W, 125V duplex receptacles (1EA black, red, and blue)
  • Powerful electricity transfer capabilities.=
  • Works to prevent short circuiting
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