Transformers: Why We Need Them

Have you ever heard a buzzing sound, looked up and seen the power lines? Well, we can tell you with confidence that buzzing sound you hear is thousands of volts of energy being transported from home-to-home from your local power plant. Power lines are the most common and most recognized type of transformer! Every electrically powered item you own, from your oven to your television, requires a certain amount of voltage to power. Without the energy from the network of power lines over your head, nothing would be able to work. The power lines might look simple, but transferring your energy is a lot more complex than it looks!

Transforming High Voltage Electricity

You aren’t able to just easily tap into the energy from the power lines or from your local power plant. Why? The energy is too strong and the voltage is too high of voltage to control, let alone use. Imagine you were able to tap into this amount of energy, your appliances and everything else you use energy for, would immediately explode or fry. Most appliances only need 100-200 volts, yet the power lines are regularly transporting hundreds of thousands of volts.

Power lines carry this much energy for two reasons. First, because they carry all the energy needed to power the whole community at once. Second, and the most important reason, is to facilitate the balance between energy and electricity when they’re traveling. Due to the chaos of electrons, the electrical current is higher and more energy is lost when lower volts are passed through power lines. Therefore, the power lines are so aggressively charged to lower the electricity current and expend less energy while powering your city.

Transformers From Nutech Industries INC.

We need transformers in order to control the amount of energy we are taking from our main power sources. As stated, too much power would cause catastrophic damage while too little power would not allow businesses to function. For a business, a transformer can be an important item to ensure that all electronics are running smoothly. If you are interested in securing your energies and investing in your own transformer? Shop here.

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