Cord Sets

Cord Sets

There are so many cords, adapters, and panels out there needed for your electronic items. The smallest cord can mean the difference between an electrical shortage and smooth use of your electronic items. At Nutech Industries, we have the pleasure of offering many different types of cords, adapters, and panels for our customers use. But, before we discuss how incredible and high-quality our products are, let us further explain each item first.

At Nutech, we offer some of the following:

  • Distribution Panels
  • Lighting Panels
  • Splitter Panels
  • Cord Sets
  • Tri-Adapters
  • Transformers
  • Booth Stringers

And so much more!


Distribution, lighting, and splitter panels all serve the same purpose; they ensure that each of your electrical outlets is getting the right amount of energy. Without distribution panels, every time you kneeled down to plug something into a socket, either nothing would happen or you would electrocute yourself. Distribution panels ensure that every outlet is receiving the appropriate amount of electricity for you to use. Splitter panels, as well as lighting panels, work similarly in order to ensure that the appropriate amount of electricity is meeting your needs as a consumer.


Adapters are ideal for any electricity use, which let’s face it, everyone is an electricity user! Nothing is worse than reaching to plug in one of your devices, only to find a crowded outlet. Tri-adapters, as well as other adapters, are ideal to help offer more outlets and support high voltage devices.

Nutech Cord Sets

Nutech Industries Inc. is dedicated to our customers and to offering high-quality adapters, panels, and cord sets. With our products, electricity users and large businesses can manage their energy uses in smarter, better ways. If you are interested in using our cords or adapters, browse our website for more information.

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