Use Portable Power to Maximize Success At Your Next Convention

With spring in full swing, there will be a number of upcoming conventions, conferences, trade shows, and professional events just around the corner. Whether you’re pitching a product or giving a presentation, it is crucial that you have the right electrical and power supplies to keep you on track.

A basic HDMI cord and a power strip are unlikely to support your objectives for a given event, particularly when you’re trying to accommodate the large space of a public venue. So what can professionals do to mitigate this technical difficulty?

At Nutech Industries, Inc., we supply portable power and power distribution systems specifically designed to optimize performance in settings like convention and event centers. Our diverse selection of work-enhancing products include power distribution panels, lighting panels, booth stringers, triadapters, transformers, cord sets, adapters, and many other specialty electrical items.

In this article, we’ll review some of the most beneficial portable power and power distribution devices for enhancing participation and performance at a wide range of events, including conferences, industry conventions, trade shows, and more. 

Power Distribution Panels

If you plan to attend a convention or an event in an exposition hall, don’t leave home before securing your ownership of a portable power distribution panel. At Nutech Industries, we offer a dozen varieties of this device in our Clearview series of products. In addition to being lightweight and easy to set up and breakdown, our Clearview distribution panels include custom configurations. 

If you need to make your message loud, clear, and present, a Clearview portable power distribution panel from Nutech is a surefire way to steal the show.


Need multiple sources of power for your various wires and doodads? We have just the thing for you in any one of our adapters. Nutech offers a great variety in its TA Series of adapters, ranging from standard duplex receptacles to more complex GFCI receptacles. Additionally, all of our tri-adapters can be built in either a through or non-through configuration, making it perfectly adjustable to suit your conference or event environment. Indeed, Nutech is proud to manufacture its own PVC enclosures on adapters, as this allows us to customize individual pieces according to consumer needs.  

Stay plugged in and connected to the action! Explore our TA Series of metal-breakered tri-adapters and more, including advanced options like rocker breakers and neon lights!

Booth Stringers

When you have multiple booths, you’ll likely need a booth stringer to supply adequate power to all set-up areas. Fortunately, Nutech was the original manufacturer of professional stringers for trade shows, large-scale meetings, and public events. Thanks to a design fabricated from high-impact polycarbonate and anti-snag tapered ends, you’ll easily be able to move and modify your booth stringers as needed to supply high-efficiency voltage to all of your sites. Our products come in a range of lengths and voltages!

Event Season Will Be Here Soon!

For a convenient and cost-effective way to supply power to all of your conferences and conventions for years to come, partner with Nutech Industries today.

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