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Ensuring that you have adequate power for a large event or trade show can be a daunting task. Many facilities are not able to address your particular power challenges and meet your requirements. You may regularly find that you need to take matters into your own hands and rely on portable power distribution. Luckily, Nutech Industries, Inc. is available to help with all of your portable power distribution needs. 

Nutech Industries: Leaders in Portable Power Distribution

Nutech Industries, Inc. is an electrical manufacturing firm that has established itself as a leader in portable temporary power distribution development. We carry a wide range of portable power distribution products that can help you meet your unique power needs. These products include:

Nutech Industries Transformers

One valuable product type that Nutech Industries offers for portable power distribution applications are transformers. Our transformers are custom-built and rated for outdoor use for power distribution applications at 45KVA, 75KVA, 150KVA, 225KVA and 300KVA and voltages from 480V Delta to 208/120V Y as well as dual voltages 480V Delta to 380/220V Y or 208/120V Y. 

Our standard line of transformers are ideal for many different uses but we also offer transformers with panel boards mounted to the secondary side of the transformer unit. This allows you to have a specified output with circuit protection all located at the transformer. Our available standard transformers also include:

  • 150 KVA-PB Transformers: incoming of 4 each 400 amp/600V cam-type panel-mounted devices, outputs of 1 each 400 amp, 208/120V panelboard hardwired from the secondary side of the transformer, protected by a heavy-duty crash frame, and additional features. Learn more. 
  • 75KVA Transformers: incoming of 4 each E1016 cam-type 480V devices, outputs of 5 each E1016 cam-type devices, and 3P circuit protection, and additional features. Learn more.

Additionally, we offer a line of Buck & Boost transformers that are 30 amp, 60 amp, 100 amp, 200 amp, and 400 amp. This solves the voltage drop issues that are caused by long runs of cables. 

Particularly suited for outdoor use, all input and output wiring devices have gasket sealed flip lid covers. The main breakers on the transformer also have gasket sealed clear covers to protect from water and rain. 

Nutech Industries’ custom line of transformers can solve your power challenges, whether you need to solve voltage drops or create additional 208/120V power for your distribution panels. 

Tested for Industry

Nutech Industries’ comprehensive line of portable power distribution products has been thoroughly tested and meets or exceeds the National Electrical Code 2006, NFPA-70. Our products are also UL Listed by Underwriters Laboratories to be used in a variety of industries. These include television studios, motion picture, exhibition halls, theaters and stages, and similar types of facilities.

Trust Nutech For Your Major Portable Power Needs

Addressing your power needs for large events and facilities or trade shows can be a challenge. Many facilities will not have the ability to provide the power that you need to successfully run your operation. That is where you can rely on Nutech Industries.  


  • Perfect For Outdoor Use


When you need power in an outdoor setting, you should be sure that your power distribution equipment can stand up to the task. Fortunately, Nutech Industries’ transformers are outdoor-rated and have gasket sealed flip lid covers and gasket sealed clear covers to protect from water, rain, and other elements. You can be sure that your portable power distribution products will stand up regardless of the conditions at your outdoor event. 


  • Perfect For Tradeshows and Large Events


Setting up for large events or trade shows can come with significant power challenges. You may need to solve voltage drops on your long runs from the power source or utilize 480-volt power in the bus system to create additional power for your distribution panels. Nutech Industries is able to customize a transformer that can solve these unique power needs. With our transformers’ portability, you can also save significantly on labor costs for set-up and break-down. 

Contact Nutech Industries, Inc. Today

If you find yourself facing unique power challenges and in need of portable power solutions, look no further than Nutech Industries. We are leaders in electrical manufacturing and portable power distribution. Our comprehensive line of portable power distribution products includes power distribution panels, lighting panels, splitter panels, booth stringers, adapters, cord sets, tri-adapters, transformers, and other specialty electrical items. 

Take a look at our available transformer products which can help you solve your unique power challenges for events and shows. If you have additional questions or think you may need a more customized product, don’t hesitate to contact Nutech Industries today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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