Nutech Industries, Inc. — Booth Stringers and Tri-Adapters For Portable Power Distribution Applications

When it comes to setting up for a trade show, convention, or other large event, having the appropriate equipment for power distribution is crucial. Depending on the size of the event, venue, project, and your specific needs, you may find yourself requiring portable power distribution equipment. 

Fortunately, Nutech Industries is here to help. As the industry leaders in portable power distribution products and electrical manufacturing, we have all of the portable, temporary power equipment you might need to power your next successful event. 

Leading in Portable Power Distribution Applications

Nutech Industries, Inc. has been a leading electrical manufacturing firm for over 30 years, specializing in portable power distribution. We develop new and custom products for portable power distribution and can meet any portable power distribution challenge you may be experiencing. By specializing in complete power distribution systems, we are able to provide the best products in the industry. Our equipment also helps clients save money on the labor costs of setting and breaking down shows or events. These top power distribution products include:

In today’s blog, we will be discussing Nutech’s unique booth stringer and tri-adapter offerings. Check out our previous blogs, to learn more about distribution panels and transformers!

Unique Booth Stringer Design

At Nutech Industries, Inc. we are known for our unique ability to customize electrical products to best serve our customers’ temporary power distribution needs. For trade shows, meetings, conventions, and large events, we noticed that the boxes on booth stringers tend to get snagged when pulled across the floor. So, we improved upon this with our own design. We built the first original and professionally built booth stringer over 30 years ago. Our exclusive polycarbonate boxes are built for high impact and have tapered ends so they do not catch on anything when pulled across the floor. 

We offer a standard configuration at 30 feet long from plug to connector, which includes boxes at seven feet, ten feet, and three feet. We also offer custom-built booth stringers at any length and boxes at any point to meet your specific event requirements. The versatility of our booth stringers makes them perfect for power distribution around a stage, at festival booths, or even trade show kiosks. 

TA Series Tri-Adapters

At Nutech Industries we offer a range of TA Series tri-adapters to fit your needs. From standard duplex receptacles to GFCI receptacles, we are sure to meet your requirements. Our tri-adapters can be built in a thru or non-thru configuration. As with all of our products, Nutech is able to custom build our TA series PVC enclosures to fulfill your requirements. 

Additionally, we also offer the MBTA series of Metal Breakered Tri-Adapters in either the brushed aluminum or black power coat, including rocker breakers and neon lights. 

Indoor and Outdoor Rated

Large events, conventions, conferences, and trade shows all come with challenging power requirements. To successfully run your event, you will need additional assistance in the form of portable power distribution. 

  • Can accommodate outdoor events: Nutech Industries, Inc. products are both indoor and outdoor rated, so we can assist you with your portable power distribution needs even if your next event is outside. Our portable power distribution products — including booth stringers and tri-adapters — are sure to stand up to the task at your next outdoor event. 
  • Ideal for trade shows, large events, and large projects: Nutech Industries has not only been innovating electrical products for over 30 years, but our products also meet or exceed the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2006, NFPA-70. Our portable power products have been tested and UL Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use in a variety of industries including television studios, motion pictures, stage and theater, exhibition halls, and more.

Contact Nutech Industries, Inc.

If you are looking for the best possible electrical products to meet your portable power distribution needs, look no further than Nutech Industries, Inc. As a leading electrical manufacturer, we have been providing clients with top-quality, custom portable power technology for over 30 years. Whether you need distribution panels, lighting panels, transformers, booth stringers, adapters, or more, we have got your portable power needs covered. Our booth stringers and tri-adapters are particularly useful for powering kiosks at a trade show or booths at a festival. 

Take a look at our comprehensive line of portable power distribution products to see how Nutech Industries, Inc. can help you power your next trade show, convention, or large event. If you have any questions or have a custom portable power distribution project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Nutech Industries, Inc. today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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